Keep It Moving News

This is how we Keep It Moving

Thursday, January 11

Keep It Moving – it’s the name of our initiative that focuses on increasing opportunities for physical activity in underserved parts of our community and it’s exactly what we’ve been up to these days. We’ve made some changes to how we manage the Fitness Warriors program so that we can now offer year-round training for these community fitness leaders, all […]

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Coach’s Corner With Ricky Martin: Recollections As We Move Forward

Monday, October 2

By: Ricky Martin, Fitness Warriors Head Coach My daughter has to do a bio of her life for school. She remembers her first birthday totally different from what I remember. I recall her asking that everyone say surprise when she came into the room, orchestrating her surprise party. She just remembers having a surprise party. I recall the humble beginnings […]

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Coach’s Corner: Announcing New Warrior Captains!

Friday, June 16

By: Ricky Martin, Fitness Warriors Head Coach So this is me at the graduation of Fitness Warriors Third Class in January. I like this picture for the Coach’s Corner this time because in the last one I was in workout gear during a training session. Yes it showed the hard work, but this one shows the celebration (Note: I am […]

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