About Us

Let’s go, RVA!

Our mission is to inspire people to live actively.


Core Operating Values

Engage Underserved Populations
Provide active living opportunities for all residents, with emphasis on underserved communities

Build Innovative Culture
Dedicate 10% staff time to innovation processes for continual improvement of active living initiatives

Diversify Funding Sources
Raise funds through diverse sources to support the active living movement

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During the past 31 years, Sports Backers, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, has developed programs and events that are designed to inspire people from all corners of our community to live actively. We achieve this work by focusing on a network of collaborative partnerships with other organizations, businesses, local governments and faith based institutions. In order to have transformational change, we realize we can’t do it all alone, but rather we work to build a movement of change in our community to make active living the easy choice.

Bike Walk RVA

We support bike and pedestrian friendly infrastructure projects.  Empower residents with the tools they need to advocate for safe and comfortable places to bike and walk throughout Richmond. Learn more about Bike Walk RVA.

Fitness Warriors

We offer free fitness classes throughout our community every week so that individuals, no matter where they live, can benefit from an active lifestyle. Learn more about Fitness Warriors.

Kids Run RVA

We provide kids the chance to have fun while being physically active on a regular basis. We support school-based run clubs. Learn more about Kids Run RVA.

Active RVA

A regional collaborative movement that works with businesses, schools and early childhood organizations to get every corner of our community moving. Learn more about Active RVA.

Scholar-Athlete Awards

Sports Backers celebrates the leadership and drive of scholar-athletes with a formal dinner and awards scholarships to 22 outstanding student athletes and one team that’s making an impact in the community. Learn more about Scholar-Athlete Awards.

Fall Line

The Fall Line is a proposed 43-mile paved trail in Central Virginia from Ashland to Petersburg. Sports Backers, through our Bike Walk RVA Program, is the lead organization advocating for the completion of this backbone of biking and walking in the Richmond Region and beyond. Learn more about the Fall Line.

Events and Training Teams

We celebrate Richmond’s active culture by hosting events that showcase our region’s greatest attributes. Sports Backers’ training teams, led by experienced volunteer coaches, will have you ready to take part in one of our many events.

Sports Backers owns and produces many events throughout the year, to include some of the largest and most successful of their kind in the country.
View our upcoming events.

Last year the Sports Backers supported 25 other sports tourism events owned and operated by nonprofit organizations in the Richmond region

Audited financial statements and IRS Form 990 are available by request. Please email [email protected].