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Great American 5000

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Ready, set, go find your team!

The Great American 5000 is a virtual team run from San Francisco to New York City—and everywhere in between! Assemble your crew of up to 12 or 24 people, accumulate mileage, and chip away at the 5,000k (3,107-mile) journey. An online map will track each team’s virtual progress across the country and a leaderboard will display the standings in real time, with groups in open, female, and co-ed divisions.


Your team has until June 30 to complete the 5,000k trek—that’s as few as 37.9 miles per day for your team (1.6 for each individual)! Run, walk, hike—it can all count towards your team's mileage.


You can even make your achievement mean more by donating and helping raise funds for Feeding America, our official Race Charity.

Starts April 10

Race begins on April 10; Teams are allowed to register through April 30


$50 per person
Teams of up to 12 or 24


Run virtually from the West Coast to the East Coast along a pre-determined route

The Great American 5000 begins in San Francisco and traverses 12 states on its trek across the U.S., ending in New York City. Along the way, you and your teammates will pass world-famous structures from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Empire State Building, travel through numerous state parks and geographical wonders like the Yampa Valley of Colorado, and experience roadside attractions and oddities that are pure Americana.

Log Your Mileage

Input your daily mileage here.
Pro Tip: When you click on “Log Activities” bookmark that page to easily return and log your daily mileage.


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