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We Do Exist: Biking on Brook Road

Wednesday, January 2

Brook Road can be challenging and problematic for Northside residents, with its wide lanes, excessive speeding, and faint crosswalks. Traffic data shows that 65 percent of drivers go over 40 miles per hour on the 35 mph street. This makes it extremely dangerous for anyone who isn’t in a car and able to move at the increased speed of traffic […]

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Brookland District candidates sound off on safer streets and regional connectivity

Wednesday, October 3

On November 6, voters in Henrico County’s Brookland District will elect a new member of the Board of Supervisors. Henrico County boasts welcoming neighborhoods and great schools and parks, but residents know the County also has some very unsafe streets – there have already been over 4,300 crashes on Henrico roads this year resulting in over 1,900 injuries and 22 deaths.   […]

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Looking back on 5 years of RVA Bike Month

Tuesday, June 19

By: Brantley Tyndall, Bike Walk RVA Some people like to say “Every day is Bike to Work Day,” and for an ever-growing number of people, that is true. For some, Bike Month is becoming increasingly, well, more months than just May. In the Richmond region, RVA Bike Month now includes March, April, and June. It’s safe to say that RVA […]

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