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Henrico County Elects Safe Streets Advocate to Board of Supervisors

Wednesday, November 8

Last night, voters in Henrico’s Brookland District picked Courtney Lynch to be their newest representative to the County’s Board of Supervisors. Lynch ran a campaign that emphasized transparency, education, inclusivity and… wait for it… safe streets! That’s right, the newest leader at the helm in one of our region’s fastest-growing jurisdictions wants to make that jurisdiction safer for biking and […]

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Brookland District Candidates Detail Commitments to Safer Streets

Monday, October 23

On November 7th, voters in Henrico County’s Brookland District will elect a new member of the Board of Supervisors. Henrico County boasts welcoming neighborhoods and great schools and parks, but residents know the County also has some very unsafe streets – Henrico leads the region in pedestrian deaths and there have already been nearly 4,000 crashes on Henrico roads this year.   […]

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Savoring Bike Restaurant Week

Monday, October 2

By: Brantley Tyndall, Bike Walk RVA (feature photo by Staci Griffith Rogge) Ask your favorite search engine if Richmond is a city with a thriving restaurant scene. The answer is emphatically yes. Ask it again if Richmond is a great place to ride bikes. You’ll find tons of options for rides of many varieties, a healthy network of related organizations, […]

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