About Bike Walk RVA

Communities that are designed to accommodate active modes of transportation such as walking and biking are significantly more physically active than those that lack sidewalks, bike lanes and trails. In 2012, Sports Backers created Bike Walk RVA to address the lack of these facilities —a regional program to support bike- and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure projects.


What we do:

  • Build community and political support for a network of separated bike and pedestrian infrastructure by engaging local decision makers in our vision to connect people from where they live to where they work, play, learn, and shop
  • Train grassroots leaders and advocates through our Bike Walk RVA Academy and empower bike enthusiasts to program a vibrant bike culture, such as Richmond Bike Month
  • Demonstrate the potential of our urban areas through tactical urbanism approaches such as the Better Block RVA project
  • Support city, state, and national initiatives such as the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Documentation Project

Ways to get involved: