Team Captain Info

How to Create A Team

How to Join a Team

Note: Team Captains: make sure to let your teammates know the Team Name and password (if created)!

CLICK HERE, for more information on how to manage your team.

If registering more than one person in a transaction for the same team:

  • Registration 1: Create/Join a Team
  • Registration 2: Join the Same team as Registration 1

Team Info

A team consists of up to 12 or up to 24 people. You do not have to have the maximum number in each division to be part of the challenge. For example, if you are a team of 8, then you would compete in the 12-person Ultra team category and a team of 16 would compete in the 24-person team category.

Teams can sign up in the following Divisions:

  • Open 12-person Ultra team
  • Women 12-person Ultra team
  • Male 12-person Ultra team
  • Open 24-person team
  • Women 24-person team
  • Male 24-person team

Spread the word and promote your team!

We know you’re all busy trying to organize your teams and figuring out who’s interested! We’ve created a Team Toolkit for you to use to promote your team and participation on social!


Your individual team members must track their runs using one of the many GPS-enabled tracking systems (e.g., Strava, Map My Run, Garmin, Wahoo). From there they will each upload their tracked run into the event’s site which will update the leaderboard and move your team’s dot across the course map. Manual entries without GPS will be permitted but are not encouraged for the sake of running validation. Details about inputting daily activity results can be found here.



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