“The Bean”

The Great American 5000 begins at the Golden Gate Bridge on the West Coast in San Francisco and traverses 12 states on its 3,107-mile trek across the U.S., ending on the East Coast just past the Empire State Building in the New York City borough of Manhattan. Along the way, you’ll pass man made structures like “The Bean” (Cloud Gate) in Chicago, run through national parks and more state parks than we can count, and see roadside attractions and oddities that are pure Americana!

Throughout your team’s journey, our group of experienced race organizers will be with you every step of the way! We’ll set up ways for you to stay connected with your team and highlight noteworthy portions of the virtual route you are completing.

Running across America is considered one of the great challenges in endurance sports, and the current solo world record for the feat is 42 days, 6 hours, and 30 minutes, set by American runner Pete Kostelnick in 2016. Kostelnick’s route took him from San Francisco to New York, much like the course in the Great American 5000, and he is excited that others will have the opportunity for this virtual experience.  “What better way to kick off the summer than a virtual run trip with your friends for a great cause?” said Kostelnick in regards to the Great American 5000. “Seeing and getting to know the United States by foot is an unmatched experience, and I’m thrilled Sports Backers is putting together a fun and engaging way to do it with your friends.”

How long will it take your team to finish the course? Here are some estimates:

  • 8 min/mile pace for 24 hours is 180 miles per day and will take 17 days and 7 hours.
  • 12 min/mile pace for 24 hours is 120 miles per day and will take 26 days
  • 20 min/mile pace for 24 hours is 72 miles per day and will take 43 days and 7 hours
  • 30 min/mile pace for 24 hours is 48 miles per day and will take 65 days
  • If your team starts on June 18 and finishes on the last day (September 10), you can complete the event by running as few as 36.6 team miles per day (that’s only 1.52 miles per person per day for a team of 24!).



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