January 20-21

Packet Pick-up at Sports Backers Stadium from 9am to 4pm each day. If you don’t pick up your participant items during this time they will be mailed after the event.

January 21 – January 30

Start – Anytime between January 21-30
End – As soon as you cross the finish line of your last loop

Example Schedules

For the 2 Day Hiker – 12-16 hours

Begin your day in Goochland at Leakes Mill Park. For a moderate hiker, expect to take 4 ½ hours to complete the trail. Next, head south down to Pocahontas State Park in Chesterfield. This loop will take 5 ½ hours to finish. Remember: Pocahontas State Park charges an entry fee and closes at dusk. Finish your challenge at James River/Forest Hill Park. This trail is more technical, expect to finish in 5 hours.

For the Weekend Warrior – 3 days

We would recommend tackling these routes from greatest to least difficulty. Start your challenge at James River/Forest Hill Park on Friday afternoon. This trail is difficult with its up and down nature and plenty of obstacles to navigate. Rest up and head out to Leakes Mill Park on Saturday morning. With plenty of turns, rocks, and steep drops and rises, this well-designed trail is a challenge. Finish your Triple Trail Challenge at Pocahontas State Park on Sunday morning. These counter clockwise loops offer beautiful views of two different lakes. These are some of the best trails in the park!


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