Triple Trail Challenge

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Think you're tough? The Triple Trail Challenge is the ultimate test for trail lovers everywhere! Hike, walk, or run marked trail loops at Pocahontas State Park, Leakes Mill Park, and the James River Park. The goal is to complete the 30.6 miles as quickly as you can from January 21-23. Whether a weekend affair or a single-day attempt, 2,515 feet of climbing is no small feat!


Complete the challenge between January 21 - 23
Courses open from 7AM to 5PM each day




James River Park
Pocahontas State Park
Leakes Mill Park

Run, walk, or hike each of the trail segments, totaling 2,515 feet of climbing. Your course time from each of the three loops will be added together resulting in your final time. You can complete the challenge over the event window or all in one day. It is up to you.

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