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The Triple Trail Challenge consists of 3 different dirt trails totaling 30.6 miles and 2,515 feet of climbing at Pocahontas State Park (11 Miles), Leakes Mill Park (9.3) and the James River Park (10.3).

The Triple Trail Challenge is a cross between a relay event and an ultra event. You can walk, hike, or run each of the trail segments. Your time starts when you leave the parking lot for your first loop and ends when you get back to the parking lot after the third loop. Yes, your travel time does count in your total time. If you stop for lunch or go to the bathroom the clock keeps ticking. Remember, the clock starts when you leave the lot and ends when you finish the third lap back to the starting point. You can do it over the week or all in one day. It is up to you.

For the safety of you and other trail users around you, we strongly suggest you carry a face mask/covering to wear when passing others along these single track trails.

Cost: $50

  • Run RVA Performance Knit Beanie
  • Commemorative Event Sticker

Please Note: Participant items will begin shipping mid-February.


You are going to want some cool merch to let the world know you conquered the Triple Trail Challenge. We have a full line of active, outdoor RVA themed merchandise available here.


For records or fastest known times, the time starts when you leave the first parking lot for your first trail loop and ends when you arrive back after completing your third trail loop at the third parking lot. You can also do the trail loops in any order. You will just need to keep track of your adventure with an app (such as Strava, Run Go, or Trailfork) to validate* your time. Once you complete the challenge, submit your overall time here. Remember, total time includes travel between parks, walking/running each of the 3 trail loops, lunch/snack breaks, etc.

View the Overall Fastest Known Time Leaderboard here.

*Proof of time is required if and when asked for by Sports Backers. Proof can exist in the form of pictures/screenshots of your time displayed on a gps device. By submitting your result(s), you confirm that the times are accurate.

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