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  • Trails are located within the James River and Forest Hill Park, Pocahontas State Park, and Leakes Mill Park
  • You will time yourself on each course and submit them to Sports Backers upon completion of all three courses (Details on how to submit your times to come).
  • Courses will have directional arrows along the trail. Course markings will be checked regularly throughout the event window.
  • RVA Trail Report updates their Facebook page daily to indicate if the trails are open or closed and they cover all three parks. Before you head out the door for your challenge check them out for the latest.
  • Maps and directions are available for each park. Printable PDF course directions are available here: James River and Forest Hill Park, Pocahontas State Park, and Leakes Mill Park.


James River Park and Forest Hill Park Loop – 10.3 miles

Start in Forest Hill Park next to the Trail Map sign on the left side of the parking lot as you enter the park at the intersection off of New Kent Road and 42nd Street. As you enter the park turn slightly to the left and park where a row of wooden posts keep you from driving on the grass. You will see an awning covering maps and information about trail use. This sign is where your time starts and finishes.

These directions take you looping around the dirt trail loop counterclockwise in Forest Hill Park. You will leave the park and then go clockwise around the James River Park loop before coming back to Forest Hill Park and finishing the loop to the Trail Sign.

Note: This trail loop is the most difficult both because of the elevation changes but also because of the roots, rocks and other obstacles. Yes, it is a challenge!

Map link:

For printable course directions, click here.

James River Park System Map


Pocahontas State Park Loop – 11 Miles

Pocahontas State Park opens at 7am, closes at dusk, and charges an admission fee upon entry. Cash, check, and credit card payments are accepted. Please familiarize yourself with the official park rules and general information before arriving.

Please park in the main part of the park either by the pool or during less crowded times near the boat ramp. Pocahontas does not allow night running. Please note that the course begins by the parking lot by the boat ramp and you cross over the footbridge across the lake at the start. The course does two counter clockwise loops, one across the lake from the parking lot and the second on the parking lot side. Both loops include great views of two different lakes and take you on the best running trails in the park.

Map Link:

For printable course directions, click here.

Pocahontas Bike Loop


Leakes Mill Park Loop – 9.3 Miles

The logistics at Leakes Mill Park are the easiest of the three loops. Please note that night running is not allowed. While this trail loop was designed and built by mountain bikers it is open to both. The trail is marked as one directional and is easiest to follow in that way. Start the trails by leaving the parking lot and going to the trail that starts just past the bathrooms. Remember to add in the Ridges and Valley loop where you have a choice. When you pop out of the trail onto the fire road at the end just head back to the parking lot from their and end your ride back at your car. This trail is a surprisingly sweet trail for both hikers and runners alike. You go up and down a lot, but for the most part the climbs are not that technical. While no real views, you will enjoy this park for its beautiful, well designed trails.

For printable course directions, click here.

Leakes Mill Park Map

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