Training Team FAQs

Q: I won’t be able to attend the group run/walk. Can I still be a part of the team?
Yes! We’re now offering two ways to train–either train with a group, or train on your own! If you’d like to train on your own but still want to receive all of the perks included with the YMCA 10k Training Team, just select “Virtual 10k Training Team” add-on when registering for the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k (page 5 of registration). We’ll email you your training booklet, mail your special team shirt, and help you get ready to cross the finish line!
Q: Can I switch training locations?

Yes, you are welcome to participate at a different site, but you need to have one “home team”.

Q: I signed up for the 10k. Can I still do the Training Team?

You can easily join the Training Team by paying the difference between your registration and entry into the Training Team. Email [email protected] for instructions.

Q: Can you send me a physical copy of the training guide?

We will have a few physical copies available for those who register with a mail in entry form.

Q: When will I get my training manual?

The interactive digital guide will be emailed to you prior to the first weekend.

Q: How do I know where we are running on Saturdays?

Your coach plans the routes and can provide it to you.

Q: What do I get with the Training Team?

Special Training Team shirt, knowledge and experience from the best coaches, interactive digital guide, official race entry, safety, accountability, lots of new friends, and FUN!

Q: How will I know where to go the first day?

After you’ve chosen your training location and start time, arrive on the first Saturday, February 1, for announcements and the first training run/walk.

Q: What time does my location start running?

Individual training locations will pick their start times. Click here for a complete schedule.

Q: What is the Virtual 10k Training Team?

If you want the YMCA 10k training team plan and support but can’t make it to the weekly group runs, you can now sign up for our Virtual 10k Training Team, an extension of the YMCA 10k Training Team! Just select “Virtual – Train on my own” when registering for the YMCA 10k Training Team and selecting your training location.

Q: Can I bring a stroller to train?

No. You may not bring a stroller on your training runs and strollers are NOT permitted on race day.

Q: Can I bring my dog to train?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at training runs or on race day.  If you have a service dog, they may join you, however, they must have their vest on.