Super Fit Challenge Activity Types

Wondering what kind of activities you will complete? Each week, you will receive 6 new fitness challenges, one from each of the activity types below. Don’t forget to log your activities on your Super Fit Challenge Tracker!

  • Kids Run Activity of the Week – a fun, theme-based activity to complete on your own or with your family or run club!
  • Brain Break University – Give your brain a break as you follow along with these 3-5 minute videos, led by college athletes!
  • Workout Wednesday Club – Attend this 45 minute fun workout on Zoom, led by a Kids Run RVA Coach! Each club will have a theme of the week.
  • Fit4Kids Healthy Habits Challenge a challenge to take your fitness journey beyond physical activity and learn healthy habits!
  • Moving Minutes – a time-based challenge to help you build your cardio endurance!
  • Super Fit Activity – a challenge to help you build those muscles!

Challenge Format

  • Complete 6 activities each week and use your tracker to keep track of the activities you complete
  • Once you’ve completed 4 weeks of challenges, report your progress to earn your Super Fit t-shirt!
  • Complete at least 8 weeks of challenges to be entered to win a Super Fit prize pack