Event Details


Through July 20
$20 per person

July 21


Click here for online registration


  • Participant Item
  • Free Pass to ride Pulse for the day.
  • Free 30-day membership to Bike Share (including on the day of the event)

How It Works

Participants will have from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday, July 21 to try to collect as many points as possible by visiting various sites in and around the new GRTC Pulse bus rapid transit route. This 7.6-mile route along Broad Street and Main Street covers all sorts of cool stops and links many must see destinations throughout our city from Willow Lawn to the west to Rocketts Landing to the East. Sites will include restaurants, breweries, art and history destinations, parks and more. You will be given a list of these sites at packet pick-up located at River City Roll (so no pre-visiting sites) that will be grouped together by “neighborhoods/zones” along the route. Each site you visit you will receive 5 points and then you will have the opportunity to earn bonus points by visiting any of our highlighted destinations along the route as well as by hitting a certain number of spots in each zone. Bonus points will be received before you even hit the streets if you arrive to packet pick-up carless!        

You can go for speed or keep it casual, but you are only allowed to get around to the spots by using your feet for walking and running or by using our two new transit options in RVA Bike Share and Pulse Bus Rapid Transit. You can do this solo or make it a team effort, just keep in mind that everyone must register!

Since we will not have any event officials or referees checking you in at each of the sites, you must document your adventure with photos at each of the spots you hit – selfies welcomed and encouraged. Meet us back at River City Roll at the end of day to celebrate! This is one event that’s all for the glory, so push yourself (and pedal) to the finish…the Pursuit is on! By the time you are done, you will have learned how to use Pulse, Bike Share and found some cool, fun places to explore in the future.


Once you have completed your adventure, e-mail us the photos you took at each of the stops.  We will tally up the points and get back in touch the week after the event to let you know if you have won something!  Prizes will be included for individuals, duos and teams of 4 that accumulate the most points in addition to some random prizes just because we feel like it!  In the case of a ties we will also take into account who sent us the photos first.  Please send them via email to [email protected].  All files should include the participant name (i.e. Joe Active-1)


Below are the neighborhoods/zones where we will select destinations for you to accumulate points. The list of actual stops will be given to you on the day of the event at packet pick-up. So no visiting things in advance! If you are a business or destination in or around the Pulse/Broad Street corridor, and you want to be included send us an e-mail and let us know.

  1. West End
    1. Willow Lawn
    2. Staples Mill
  2. Museum District
    1. Scott’s Addition (Cleveland Street)
    2. Science Museum (Robinson Street)
    3. Allison Street
  3. VCU
    1. VCU (Shafer Street)
    2. Arts District (Adams Street)
  4. Downtown
    1. Convention Center (3rd/4th Streets)
    2. Government Center (9th Street)
    3. VCU Medical Center (12TH Street)
    4. Main Street Station
  5. East End
    1. Shockoe Bottom
    2. Route 5
    3. Rocketts Landing

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