We’re in this together! While we are still physically distancing, now is the time for all of us to collectively run, walk, or bike the city’s 1,900 miles of streets as one big team. As the largest bike, run, or walk-about, this challenge is also an opportunity to give useful feedback on street conditions and help Bike Walk RVA advocate for more comfortable and connected places to walk and bike.

Here’s how to take part:

  • Register now – it’s FREE!
  • Complete this brief form to tell us the street(s) you’ve covered and about what you observed on your route (e.g., sidewalks, ADA-accessible ramps, trees, etc.) Preview this survey before you head out so you know what keep an eye out for!
  • Check the All Streets RVA map before you head out to know which streets have already been covered.


Do I have to run/walk/bike the entire length of the street?

No! You’ll report back where you were active and we’ll map that section as completed. Using an activity monitor app (like Strava, MapMyRun, Nike Run Club, etc.) is recommended. It is helpful, though, to try to cover the distance between two intersections (rather than stopping mid-block).

Can I do this more than once?

Yes! It will take all of us to cover all 1,900 miles of streets in Richmond city. When you register, you can opt to be a Street Superhero. We’ll let you know of additional streets that you can help us cover.

Do I have to run/walk/bike in my neighborhood?

No! You can feel free to be active in your neighborhood or explore other parts of the city. Check the All Streets RVA map before you head out to see which streets have already been covered.