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The Virginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride is a Family Affair

By: Mary Rockwell

For Allison Johnson, the Virginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride is all about family.

Johnson Family

Daphne, Allison, and Amelia Johnson

Since hearing about the event in 2009 from a co-worker, Allison and her husband Ethan have participated in nine Moonlight Rides throughout the years. In 2016, the Henrico residents signed up their daughters Daphne and Amelia to join them for the first time and experience what the most unique biking event in Richmond was all about.

“It’s an easy event for the whole family to participate, feel safe, and have fun,” Allison said.

Along with the 8-mile course, this year the Virginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride, set for August 25th, will introduce a new, family friendly 2-mile course. Participants will have the option to ride multiple loops on the 8-mile course until 10:30pm when the course will officially close, and the 2-mile course is great for families and children looking for a fun, relaxing ride. The 2-mile course ride starts at 7:30pm, while the 8-mile ride gets underway at 8:00pm. There will also be new activities for kids at the post-race party, like making your own finisher medal at the Agee’s Post-Ride Party. The two courses are closed to vehicle traffic, offering an exclusive opportunity to explore Richmond at night safely by bike.

Allison explains what about the Moonlight Ride has kept her coming back through the years.

“It’s amazing to ride on a closed, safe course at night. The glow stick lined path through Bryan Park is kind of magical and the people watching isVirginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride fantastic,” Allison said.

13-year-old Amelia agrees that the Moonlight Ride caters to everyone, especially kids.

“This event is good for families because the ride is a good level of difficulty for kids and so they can do the event with their parents,” Amelia said, “My favorite parts of the event are all of the lights and glow sticks that make the night really fun and memorable, and the party station along the ride.” Daphne, Amelia’s 11-year-old sister, says she enjoys the challenge of the ride and some of the perks available for participants. “I love the snacks, and it’s something hard that is fun!”

For several years, the Johnson family has brought a speaker for music and zip ties for their glow sticks, LED lights, and pinwheels to decorate their bikes for the ride. They come prepared to see and be seen by other participants who also join in on the fun.

To prep for the event, the Johnsons visit the popular Virginia Capital Trail. Last year, the family would regularly ride five miles on the Capital Trail together ahead of the Moonlight Ride. They also took part in a few family bike rides “around and around the paved trail” at their neighborhood pond, according to Allison.

For a busy family with no shortage of entertainment options during the summer, Allison says the Virginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride stays on their calendar because of the enjoyment it provides for families. “We keep coming back because it is so much fun!”

Come join the Johnson’s at the Virginia Credit Union Moonlight Ride on August 25 with your family for a night of biking, food, drink – and lots of fun! Register now at and be sure to beat the August 1 price increase.