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Bike Walk RVA

Advocating for comfortable and connected places to bike and walk for people of all ages and abilities in greater Richmond. Biking and walking for everyday transportation should be accessible to everyone.

BRT improvements we can get on board with (pun intended!)

Since we last wrote about the Pulse Bus Rapid Transit project (commonly referred to as BRT), a lot has changed. The community spoke out with concerns about crossing Broad Street on foot or by bike, and GRTC and the City of Richmond listened. They improved the plan.

Thanks to your efforts, we’ve had the opportunity to work closely with GRTC and the City to ensure that we have safe crossings all along Broad Street, and that people will feel comfortable traveling along and across one of our city’s best streets as they access businesses, housing, and the BRT itself.

Next week, GRTC is hosting two 30 percent design open houses, and we need you to come show your support for a walkable and bikeable Broad Street corridor:

Monday, July 27, 12 PM at the University of Richmond Downtown – RSVP HERE

Tuesday, July 28, 6 PM at the University of Richmond Downtown – RSVP HERE

The biggest and best improvements we’ve seen through this process are:

  • Six new protected crossings with refuge islands for people who walk and ride bikes
  • A wider median that functions as a refuge for people who can’t make it across the whole street all at once, and that also has breaks in it for people to bike through when crossing Broad
  • 37 controlled intersections with pedestrian crossings

Please help us thank GRTC and the City of Richmond for making adjustments to the plan that will add to the safety, comfort, and convenience of people who walk and bike along Broad Street. By integrating this project with the Bicycle Master Plan and other plans for the downtown area, we are confident that we will soon see a transportation transformation in our city that adds to the quality of life of residents and visitors, and will be a boon for our local economy.

After all, in just a couple years, you’ll be able to throw your bike on a Pulse bus at Willow Lawn and be hauling down the Virginia Capital Trail towards Jamestown in less than a half-hour. How cool is that?!


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