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Event Tips

We know that participating in a Virtual Race can present some unique logistical and mental challenges. We hope these tips can help you get the most out of your experience!


Set a date (we suggest May 2)

We encourage everyone to complete the Uncorked Half & 5k on May 2! That way we can all celebrate together, and we can all gain strength from one another knowing we’re all out there together! If May 2 doesn’t work, we recommend setting a race date to keep you motivated and excited. You still want those pre-race jitters…and that pre-race carb load! 

Map your course

It’s easy to map out a road course that meets your needs. MapMyRun is the online tool that Sports Backers uses most often. You can try to mimic the Uncorked Half or 5k course you would have been running, or pick a route that gives you your best chance to run a fast time.

Either way, remember that your virtual race doesn’t have the benefit of permits—so road crossings and traffic lights will need to be considered. Consider what pedestrians you’ll need to avoid—now more than ever—and schedule the time when you can run with as clear a path and single focus as possible.

Here are some half marathon routes in different parts of our region that we have mapped out. Just remember to observe social distancing guidelines!

Develop your Hydration Plan

We know hydration is important when you’re doing a half marathon! While your water stops might not have lavender towels, you can still set up fun “on-course” ways to pamper yourself. Loop by your house once or twice to refill your water – extra points if you prep some frozen grapes! 

To make your race easier we recommend carrying a handheld water bottle, preferably one with some sort of pouch where you could store a gel, quick snack, or phone. If you don’t have one of these a CamelBak would work, hydration belt, or you could simply keep a cooler or lunchbox in your car and double back for a snack! 

Arrange for Course Support

One way to duplicate the feeling of an actual race day experience is to tell all your friends and family that you’re running and get some support! If they would’ve come to your race get them to send you some fun texts the morning before you run, or write messages in sidewalk chalk along your route. If they live near where you plan to complete your race they could make homemade yard signs or put pictures in their windows. Don’t be shy, let them know you want their support! 

Celebrate afterwards!

Print out and pose with your Half Marathon or 5k bib, snap a photo and send it to us, tag @sportsbackers on social media, or post on our Facebook event page. We even have a Virtual Half Marathon and 5k Badge to share on social media. Use #UncorkedHalf or #RunForWine and together we’ll make social distancing feel not quite as isolating!

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