24 Hours of Richmond

Thank you to all participants!

We know for some runners it’s all about the challenge—the feeling of wanting to stop and breaking through that mental barrier to accomplish something you didn’t think possible. The 24 Hours of Richmond event is for the ones that keep pushing. Participants will sign up for 12 or 24 hours in Powhatan State Park from February 19 – 20, 2022. Runners and walkers will be timed on a set loop, and mileage will be added together once the last loop is completed. Adding to the fun you will have the option to fundraise for Sports Backers, and you do have the choice to compete virtually. After all the miles are tallied, we’ll see who is the most hardcore, and we’ll be awarding finisher medals, sweatshirts, and for those that really go big—belt buckles! This event is all glory, but it takes some serious grit! Do you have what it takes?!

February 19-20

The clock runs from 9am on Saturday, February 19 to 9am on Sunday, February 20

Cost $75-$100

Includes hooded sweatshirt, finisher medal, and a custom belt buckle*

*if complete 100+ miles


Powhatan State Park
Powhatan, VA

Conquer the trails!

This is about how many miles you cover and not the speed in which you cover them!  This year we will have a 12 and 24 hour division. Whether you continuously run or walk or complete it in intervals, we hope you discover what you’re made of and have a blast doing it.


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Virtual participants can submit their mileage here.

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