Meet the Team

Meghan Keogh

Meghan is the force behind some of our biggest events like the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k and the Anthem Corporate Run. Most often she’s working to make sure all details of an event are thoroughly planned and executed. She works with vendors, localities, traffic engineers, local organizations, event charities, staff, and everyone in between to make sure things run smoothly. As a grad of West Virginia University she’s our resident Mountaineer. She loves WVU so much she named her dog Slaton after Steve Slaton, WVU Running back, named MVP in the 2006 Sugar Bowl. On the weekend you can find her hanging out with her two boys, and hopefully grabbing a meal at Joe’s Inn in the Fan. She loves being active with her family, and volunteering to help at at her kids’ school whenever she can. She just recently kicked off her coaching career taking the reins on youth basketball. Coach Keogh in the house!

Email: [email protected]

If you could have any super power what would it be:  “Lightning speed so I could get more done.”

Celebrity you’d like to be best friends with:  Matthew McConaughey

Favorite Sports Backers Event:  “It’s a very close call between the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k and the Anthem Moonlight Ride, but I think the 10k wins because it brings the entire community together. I love that my mom who trains each year for months to walk the 10k is sharing the same finish line with former Olympians.”

Favorite place to be outside in Richmond:  “Maymont. I love everything about Maymont, enjoying the petting zoo with my kids, the bears, the waterfall, touring the mansion, and or having a picnic lunch in the grass. But my boys’ favorite part is definitely the pond in the Japanese Garden, they could hop on the stepping stones and stare at the fish & turtles all day long.”