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Fitness Warriors Celebrate New Graduates, New Classes, and New Recruits

Exciting New Graduates: Fitness Warriors Class 12!

Get ready to feel the energy, because on Saturday, June 15th, the Fitness Warriors program proudly graduated 12 dynamic new instructors. Each cohort of Warriors brings something special, but this group? They’re truly exceptional.

With a fresh training approach led by our new lead trainer, Ann Mary Bettenson, the Warriors moved away from a set routine and embraced a versatile “toolbox” method. This innovative change unlocked their creativity, resulting in an explosion of new class styles for our community.

Discover the New Class Styles!

Take, for instance, Shalym’s Urban Hike Life – a fun, community walk through RVA’s breathtaking trail system. His 7 AM hikes attract participants of all ages and abilities, transforming morning routines into adventurous treks.

Then there’s Genevelyn Steele, who’s splashed into the scene with her Aqua Kids classes, bringing laughter and exercise to the water. And that’s not all – we’ve expanded our schedule with 10 new weekly classes! From senior daytime sessions to Dance Drip, and from strength training to body work, there’s something for everyone. If there’s a need, rest assured we have a Warrior ready to lead.

A Heartwarming Warrior Return

But perhaps the most inspiring story is that of Ms. Wilma Turner. Wilma was a participant from our very first class in 2014. She never missed a beat, even showing up on Zoom during the pandemic. Now, she’s come full circle to lead her own class every Tuesday at 10 AM at the VCU Health Hub at 25th. Talk about dedication!

Meet the New Warriors!

We’re thrilled to introduce the amazing individuals of our 12th class:

April Hicks, Chanette Hawkes, Genevelyn Steele, Inora Banrey, Judy Jones, Latrice Davis, Lesley Johnson, Pamela Wood, Rosalind Morris, Shalym Benyahu, Toshiba Clack and Wilma Turner.

This incredible group was led by Captains Eboni Washington, Danielle Saunders, and Laurel Gregory, under the expert guidance of Lead Trainer Ann Mary Bettenson.

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