Fitness Warriors COVID-19 Class Schedule

Fitness Warriors are here to keep you moving!  We are excited to offer classes to help you meet your fitness goals regardless of where you choose to get it in!

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Join your favorite Fitness Warrior on Zoom (Now- December 17) while we sculpt new habits, set new goals and reach new heights.   Classes are 30 – 45 minutes in duration. Complete this REGISTRATION form to receive the links to Zoom classes.


We’re back! Let’s spring into fitness the Warrior way! Keep it moving with your favorite Fitness Warriors while enjoying the great outdoors. We are now offering indoor classes to fully vaccinated participants. You can read about our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy here. Indoor classes are indicated by a * in the description.   You can REGISTER for class now or complete paperwork onsite. Be sure to bring water and wear your mask when not exercising. We will be maintaining social distancing of 10ft but please be mindful of your personal space. CDC guidelines are strictly followed.

Find out more about your next class by sorting the list of classes below.

Day of the Week





  • Chair Fitness with Theresa 12pm

    A low-impact party designed to give you a full body workout without a lot of standing!  This class is perfect for active older adults and those returning to exercise.  Perfect for those 55+

    On Zoom: Register to receive the link

    804-721-2843 | [email protected]
  • Cardio + Strength w/ Elicia 6pm

    Cardio and strength training set some of the best music of today and yesterday! *This class is held indoors and is limited to participants who are fully vaccinated against COVID -19.*

    Ettrick Community Building - Pavilion

    804-631-3481 | [email protected]
  • Let's Have a Ball w/ Shanna 6pm

    With workout routines focusing on total body fitness and incorporating movement you can fit into you everyday regime.

    Libby Hill Park terrace near the statue

    804-441-5087 | [email protected]
  • Purposeful Movement w/ Jacki D 6:15pm

    Low to medium intensity cardio class for adults, seniors, teens and little ones. This class will meet you where you are and make each movement have purpose in your fitness journey. Great music and fun atmosphere.

    Calhoun Center

    804-516-9713 | [email protected]


  • Power Half-Hour with Rebecca 8am

    Start your day off right with this high intensity workout is sure to get your body moving while challenging you to reach new levels of fitness!

    On Zoom: Register to receive the link

    804-721-2843 | [email protected]
  • Seated Cardio w/ Cynthia 10am

    Cardio and Strength workout that's great for the WHOLE family! We will be moving from our seats! Perfect for those 55+ *This class is held indoors and is limited to participants who are fully vaccinated against COVID -19.*

    2nd Baptist Church

    804-353-7682 | [email protected]
  • Kaleidoscope! w/ Mel 6pm

    It's FRI-YAY, let's have some fitness fun! From strength to flexibility to some good ole dancing, this fitness class will offer you a variety of activities set a amazing music from all genres!

    Harry G Daniel Park at Ironbridge Shelter 3 near the Playground

    804-928-7703 | [email protected]


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