Meet the Team

John Raigins "Ragito, Big John, Cole Slaw, Matthew McJohnaughey"

If it has to do with operating machinery, moving heavy equipment, putting up structures, mixing mud pits, or loading trucks, chances are you’ll find John there. As our Director of Event Operations he splits his time between the office, the warehouse, and being on site at just about every SB event. He’s the keeper of our Warehouse Points, which is a currency that has no real value and yet is priceless at the same time. When he’s not keeping track of all our equipment you can find him canoeing down the James River or enjoying a beer at the Galley. As a proud Mississippi State Bulldog, he makes the trip back home to the ‘Sip (and Starkvegas) several times a year where he enjoys hanging out on his family’s farm. John jokes that he’s our event janitor, but really he’s our logistics guru.

Email: [email protected]

Song you’re embarrassed to love:  ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’

Celebrity you’d be best friends with:  “No question…Matthew McConaughey.”

Favorite Sports Backers event:  CarMax Tacky Light Run

Favorite way to stay active: “I run.”