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*Course is subject to change as needed.


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Race Segments

Run Bike Relay 2020

Course Description

Start your journey at City Stadium and enjoy your first miles through the Byrd Park area, down through the Pump House Park, and make your way onto the Boulevard Bridge. Once on the other side of the river you’ll take the Buttermilk Heights Trail into Forest Hill Park. Explore the trails of the Park and then exit onto the Buttermilk Trail along Riverside Drive. Cross underneath the Lee Bridge and run parallel to Railroad Avenue as you come onto the Manchester Flood Walk. Go over the Mayo Bridge and onto the Canal Walk as you make your way to the Virginia Capital Trail. Once you hit Great Shiplock Park you’ll be entering your first leg of biking at the 11.6 mile mark.

Leaving Great Shiplock Park you’ll ride onto the Virginia Capital Trail. Stay on the Trail as you ride by Rockett’s Landing, and then along Old Osborne Turnpike which eventually turns into New Market Road. You’ll reach your next transition zone at Four Mile Creek Park where your teammate will continue through Four Mile Creek Park for an out and back ride on the Capital Trail ending back at Four Mile Creak Park. After switching riders, one teammate will head back out on the bike riding from Four Mile Creek Park to Great Shiplock Park completing the leg at a total of 11.9 miles.  The final run will take you back down the Capital Trail, onto the Canal Walk, and back up North Bank Trail for a total of 6.1 miles. End your 51.1 mile journey back at City Stadium to and revel in your accomplishment!