Bulk Registration

If you’d like to pay for a group to participate, you can purchase a Bulk Registration Code to pay for five or more entries.

Bulk Registration is not a group discount. You still pay the full registration fee for each person – it just allows you to pay for a large number of people up front. It is then the responsibility of each individual to register themselves (using the Bulk Registration Code in lieu of payment) for the race.

Purchasing the Code

  1. Click here to purchase a code
  2. Enter a Group Name, select the number of entries and pay with your credit card
  3. Share the code provided with your group members

Using the Code

  1. Group members will register for the event as usual (beginning December 1)
  2. On the payment page, enter the code in the “Promotion Code” box and click “Apply.” The price will be updated to $0
  3. Click “Complete Registration (No Payment Due)”

Please note: Bulk entries can only be redeemed using online registration. The deadline to use all entries is March 27 at 11:59 p.m. or whenever the race reaches its 30,000-person capacity, whichever comes first.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How can I tell who has registered using my bulk code? Click here to verify who has registered using your Bulk Code.
  • How can I add entries to my existing bulk registration code? To purchase additional entries under your code, simply enter the existing code into the “Organization Name” box and select the number of entries.
  • What happens to unused bulk registrations? There are no refunds for unused bulk registrations. Entries are non-refundable and cannot be switch from one person to another.
  • What if the entry fee has increased since I originally purchased my bulk registration entries? Even if the entry fee has increased from the date of purchase to the date of redemption, registrants will not be prompted for additional payment. For example, a bulk registration entry is purchased in December when the entry fee is $30, but the group member does not register until February when the fee is $40. He or she will not be prompted for additional payment.
  • How much do additional entries cost? If you need to add additional entries to your existing bulk registration code, you will charged the current entry fee. For example, if you purchase entries during the December registration period, each will cost $32. If you need to add more entries in January, each will cost $35.

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