Awards & Team Scoring


Award Categories

Awards will be awarded to both in-person and virtual participants

  • Overall Male/Female
  • Top Male/Female in the CEO Challenge
  • Top Male/Female/Coed Teams in each Industry:
    • Banking, Financial & Accounting – Banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, accounting firms, stock brokers, and real estate firms
    • Construction – Engineers, architects, any company involved in construction
    • Legal & Professional – Law firms and accountants
    • Medical & Healthcare – Hospitals, medical centers, clinics, doctor’s offices, therapy companies, etc.
    • Insurance – Life, Health, Auto, HMO’s, PPO’s
    • Manufacturing & Transportation – Any company involved in manufacturing. Railroad, trucking, shipping, automobile dealerships, etc
    • Military, Government & Education – Any division or branch of the military and any government agency, city, state, or federal including education (public or private schools). Police, law enforcement, Fire and Rescue
    • Media & Communications – Television, radio, newspaper and magazine, advertising, telephone, computers, electronics, and PR firms
    • Nonprofits
    • Sales, Retail and Hospitality – Businesses involved in retail or wholesale sales
    • Staffing, Consulting & IT Services
    • Miscellaneous – Any company or organization not fitting into one of the other divisions

Don’t miss the chance to see your company in the results! Not in it for the glory? Don’t worry, scoring is optional. This event is NOT a chip-timed. Each team member is responsible for checking the clocks at the start and finish to determine his or her time. In-person and virtual participants will be scored separately.

Team Eligibility

  • Any registered participant who is a full time employee and who works for the company/organization for a minimum of 32 hours per week.
  • A CEO (one per company)
  • Enough employees (4) to complete a scorecard.

Participant Requirement

  • Men’s Team – 4 men
  • Women’s Team – 4 women
  • Mixed Team – 2 men and 2 women


In-Person Team Scoring

  • Team members may  submit their time or report their time to the Team Captain or scorekeeper.
    • We suggest using a roster to record the times as they are reported. After the race when all the race times are in, strategize how to fill out your scorecards.
  • Record all scores on scorecard(s) and turn in at the Volunteer Tent by 8:30 PM to be included in the results.
  • Submit as many scorecards as possible and get recognized in the results! Team results will be posted on Friday.


  • CEOs who are competing in the CEO Challenge should be listed individually on the green CEO scorecard and only one other scorecard, i.e. men’s, women’s or mixed. You may submit only one green CEO scorecard for your company.
  • All other team members may only be placed on one scorecard.
  • A company may complete multiple scorecards, i.e. “Company X Women’s A team”, “Company X Women’s B Team”, etc.
  • Scorecards will not be accepted if the company or participant information is incomplete.
  • If the race committee finds discrepancies with your team, the entire team will be disqualified.

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