Q: How does 7 Marathons 7 Continents work?

With seven marathon and seven half marathon courses on seven continents, you will register as an individual, choosing either to complete a full marathon or a half marathon on each of the continents. You can run your full or half marathon all at once or you can accumulate the equivalent miles over multiple runs to complete your race on each continent. Track your runs on one of the many GPS tracking systems, log your miles and time and watch your dot move across the course. After you finish 26.2 miles or 13.1 miles on one continent, you will move on to the next one, totaling either 183.4 miles or 91.7 miles to complete your journey.

Q: How much does the event cost and what do I receive?

The cost is $60/person and the fee includes:

  • Long Sleeved Shirt
  • Finisher’s medal
  • Virtual finisher’s badge
  • 7 pre-mapped marathon or half marathon courses on 7 continents for a total of 183.4 miles if you register for the full or 91.7 miles if you register for the half
  • Leaderboard and online map updates
  • Virtual travel experience including fun facts, cultural insights, and stunning imagery of notable attractions along the routes

Q: How do I register?

You will register as an individual and can do so by clicking here.

Q: Will there be awards?

Yes. We will have awards for the first male and female to finish all 7 courses on the 7 continents. In addition, after your boarding group has wrapped up on either January 31 or February 28, we will award the male and female with the fastest cumulative time to complete all 7 continents. And finally, also at the end of the event, we will award the male and female with the fastest cumulative time on each continent. Please keep in mind to be eligible to win an award, you must be prepared to validate each of your logged miles. Remember to always use a tracking device/app If you are in the running to be a top male or female winner.

Q: When does the event start and end?

Boarding Group #1 began their challenge on Saturday, November 7th and will have until Sunday, January 31st to log miles and finish the challenge

Boarding Group #2 will begin their challenge on Tuesday, December 15th. You can start anytime on the day of December 15th but you are welcomed to begin the challenge later than December 15th, too. You just need to plan to finish your mileage by February 28th. Registration will remain open through December 31st.

Q: How many miles is it?

For Boarding Group #2 all participants must be finished by Sunday, January 31. Just how far is it?
Marathon: Complete 183.4 miles in 76 days. That is slightly less than 2.5 miles per day!
Half Marathon: Complete 91.7 miles in 76 days. That is less than 1.3 miles per day!

Q: When do I receive my items?

For Boarding Group #1 we will begin mailing in mid January and for Boarding Group #2 we will begin mailing in early to mid February. Those that have already completed the mileage will be sent their finisher shirt and medal. And from there we will continue to ship finisher swag to participants as they complete the mileage on all 7 continents. If you are unable to complete the challenge by the end date , we will ship all remaining shirts and medals after the challenge is complete.

Q: How do I track and report my run?

You should track your run using any GPS-enabled tracking systems (e.g., Strava, Map My Run, Garmin, Wahoo, Apple Watch, FitBit, etc.). From there you will self-report the time and distance of your run based on your GPS tracking, which will update the leaderboard and move your dot across the course map. Entries without GPS will be permitted but are not encouraged for the sake of running validation. Details about inputting daily activity results can be found here.

Q: What if I don’t run with GPS?

While this is allowed, it is highly encouraged that you use a GPS device or app to track your runs. If you are in the running to be a top male or female winner, you must be prepared to validate your mileage.

Q: Will I be required to validate my runs?

If you are in the running to be a top male or female winner, you must be prepared to validate your mileage. Each time you log your miles there is the option to load your GPS activity file with your self-reported activity, which is a great way to keep track and be able to validate your miles.

Q: Can I run on a treadmill?

Yes, you may run either outdoors or on a treadmill.

Q: Does walking count?

Yes! Running, walking, hiking, skipping, galloping, trotting – anything completed on foot can count!

Q: What is the order of the continents that we will travel and where is each course located?

  1. North America – Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona
  2. South America – Tancac to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail in Peru
  3. Europe – Marathon to Athens in Greece
  4. Africa – Ngorongoro Conservation Area in Tanzania
  5. Asia – Kyoto in Japan
  6. Australia – Sydney
  7. Antarctica – McMurdo Station