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Saturday and Sunday Group Runs Offered

You have the option to do your Group Runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings from the Sports Backers Stadium located next to The Diamond. Please indicate your preference on the entry form. There is a limit of 800 participants in the Saturday group run sessions and a limit of 400 participants in the Sunday group run sessions.

Since we cannot meet in person the first virtual group runs will be Saturday, June 6 and Sunday, June 7. In-person training is currently scheduled to begin July 11/12.

Once we have resumed in-person group runs the Sunday run will start at 7 a.m. On Saturdays, the larger group will be divided into multiple groups starting between 7 and 7:30 a.m. To beat the summer heat, from early July until Labor Day, all start times will be 30 minutes earlier.

Do you have friends who want the marathon training team plan, support, and race day experience but can’t make it to the weekly group runs? Let them know that they can now sign up for our  all Virtual Marathon Training Team!


Stay tuned for 2020 dates for these clinics:

Injury Prevention Clinic

Nutrition Clinic


Emergency Preparedness

Gear Up Days