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Saturday and Sunday Group Runs Offered

You have the option to do your Group Runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings from City Stadium (or other areas around town depending on coach comfort levels). Please indicate your preference during registration.We will begin this year virtually for the first week of training (Aug 8/9) to ensure that we can all safely meet each other via Zoom. Then the next weekend (Aug 15/16) we will begin in-person training with your teams. If your team chooses to meet at City Stadium for the official HMTT route, your team will be scheduled a staggered start time and depending on the size of your team will then leave from the stadium in smaller groups to allow for social distancing on course. Your team coach will also have the option to meet at another location around the Region and plan a route from there. These options are in place to allow a variety of comfort levels and as well as to keep participants spread out. 


There will be clinics held on everything from injury prevention to nutrition to shoes. Check back in for dates and times.

Injury Prevention Clinic

Nutrition Clinic

Emergency Preparedness