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Additional Info

Still have questions? Email our Training Team Coordinator Mara George!

Group Runs – What to Expect

Location: Multiple*
Day: Saturdays
Time: Training Starts on September 19, 2020. Coaches will email all participants prior to the first day of training to confirm.

* During registration, you may select where you’d like to train. See LOCATIONS and START TIMES.

The first day (Saturday, September 19), there will be a brief introductory meeting followed by your first group run. Afterwards, you will receive a training booklet with the complete 8-week training schedule. You will continue to meet each Saturday for group runs, while the rest of the week you simply follow the guide on your own. Many times, training teamers meet up with each other during the week as time permits, so don’t be afraid to ask around!

Sample Training Schedule

Week One

Saturday 9/19 (Group)

1 Mile Walk/Run

Sunday 9/20


Monday 9/21

Cross Train or Walk

Tuesday 9/22

1 Mile

Wednesday 9/23


Thursday 9/24

1.5 Miles Easy

Friday 9/25


Saturday 9/26 (Group)

2 Miles