RVA Dragon Boat Club Practice

Where is practice located? 

Our practices will be held on the James River at Rocketts Landing Marina. The address is 5000 Old Osborne Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23231.

What time?

Every Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

How do I sign up to practice? 

We use for practice scheduling and signup. (If you have never signed up before, you will have to register first.)  You can sign up for multiple practices at one time. You may also bring a guest. Please be sure to choose the # of participants coming. Paddlers are at the top of the section (20 maximum as we are using one boat) and Steersperson is at the bottom.

Do I need to bring a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) and paddle to practice?

No. The club provides them both. However, if you have one, you may bring your own.

How long are practices?

Most practices are approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long. There is some minimal time before paddling to do a warm-up and time after for stretching and clean up.

What do I wear to practice?

  • We recommend comfortable quick-dry pants, any length
  • T-shirt or fitness top; for cooler temperatures, a quick-dry additional layer (with long sleeves, you will need to push up 1 sleeve on the arm “outside” the boat.) Whatever you wear will get wet from splashes.
  • Water shoes, crocs, or flip-flops. Some members have worn waterproof boots but they are usually not necessary.

What do I bring to practice?

  • Seat cushion (ex: kayak seat cushion, piece of cushy rubber carpet padding, garden pad)
  • Water bottle
  • Sun screen & sunglasses

Do you switch sides when you paddle or stay on one side all the time?

We recommend switching sides, if possible. We do this to ensure balanced muscle development and it also makes paddlers strong on both sides, minimizing injury.

What factors may cancel practice? 

Cancellations may happen for various reasons such as lack of participation, severe weather threat, river level, and/or unforeseen circumstances. We will try to give as much advance notice as possible if practice is cancelled. Safety for all is our main focus.