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Elephant's Wellness Program Keeps Herd Healthy, Happy

By RaShauna Hobbs

“The Herd is ready to go!”

Those aren’t the words you expect to hear to describe an insurance company, but Elephant Auto Insurance isn’t your average workplace when it comes to employee wellness. The Glen Allen-based company encourages a wellness initiative focused on fitness, nutrition, volunteerism and community that helps employees embrace an active lifestyle.

Elephant believes in the saying, “A healthy herd is a happy herd,” and staff members demonstrate that belief by competing in various fitness events, including Iron Man competitions, the Anthem Richmond Marathon, Dominion Riverrock’s Filthy 5k Mud Run, and the Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10k. The latest endeavor will be the Connects Federal Credit Union Corporate 4-Miler on Thursday, June 7th at Innsbrook Office Park. In true Elephant form, they are going big for the race: while only four people are needed for a team to score, they’ll be bringing a Herd of 60 people to take part in the race and Richmond’s biggest office party, which includes post-race food, drinks, live music and fun.

“I’ve heard a lot of people around the office talking about the Corporate 4-Miler recently,” said Elephant employee Holli Flowers. “There have been jokes about how they’re going to win, and even a few friendly office wagers among the staff.”

While the Herd is certainly ready and excited for the Corporate Run, the enthusiasm and competitive spirit isn’t just limited to events outside the office. The company created their own version of office Olympics, had staff tug-of-war, leap frog and bouncy ball contests, and host regular activities at their office campus. They take the volunteer aspect seriously as well, working with local organizations such as the Central Virginia Food Bank and the Children’s Hospital of Richmond, among others, to strengthen their bond with the communities where Elephant staffers live and work.

Elephant’s employee wellness program is still less than a year old but it has been very well received by employees, and the program has helped lead to a healthier, happier workplace. A strong foundation has been laid for staff members to lead healthy, active lifestyles in the office and beyond, with the Corporate 4-Miler the next step in the program’s growth. “Our Herd is approaching this event in classic Elephant style,” said Flowers. “With enthusiasm and a fun attitude!”