RVA Street Art Run

Discover street art from a new vantage point!

No matter where you find yourself in the River City, you’re guaranteed to be greeted by unique street art! Richmond is home to over 100 murals, with walls painted by local and international artists, and is a favorite destination for street art enthusiasts. Join us as we celebrate these colorful creations with the RVA Street Art Run! Not only will you receive a limited-edition shirt designed by Mickael Broth aka The Night Owl, but we’ll supply you with routes designed to help you discover one of the most inspiring art scenes in the country!


Register and complete it through April 11.

Cost $22

Includes an awesome shirt designed by local artist, Mickael Broth, and printed by Triple Stamp Press.


Complete it on one of our designed courses!

About The Artist

Mickael Broth, also known as The Night Owl, is a Richmond based artist, muralist, and sculptor. His work is featured all over Richmond from The Diamond to his “Perfect Bound” sculpture outside of Hull Street Public Library. In addition to his work, Broth has helped create several public art festivals for the region. Learn more here.