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Walmart Biz Bowl Events & Activities

For a PDF of The Playbook (full event rules and scoring), click here.

Events and activities will include (for more details on each event and scoring, scroll down):

Participation Events

1/2 mile Walk/Run Loop

Head to Head bracket

Tug of war


Punt, Pass and Kick
Whiffle Ball Home Run Derby
Golf chipping accuracy
Basketball Shootout
Field Goal Kick
Soccer Kick
Obstacle Course (field hockey, lacrosse, disk golf)
Tricycle Trial
Team Spirit


Participation Events

These Events are open to all registered participants and are an easy way to earn your team some points.  Maximum points per team per participation event are as follows:  Small Business 25 points, Medium Business: 50pts., Large Business: 100 pts.

  • Volunteer with FeedMore
  • Volunteers at the Event – For every 2.5 hour shift a team member volunteers they will earn 5 points
  • 1/2 mile Walk/Run Loop – Each participant will receive one point per lap.
  • Yoga 

Head to Head Bracketed Events

All bracketed events will be double elimination tournaments.  Team points will be awarded to the overall winners as follows 1st Place: 300 pts, 2nd Place: 150 pts, 3rd Place 75 pts.


Teams consisting of 10 players on the court to start each game. Head to head matches will be a best two out of three games.  The winner of the game will be determined by eliminating all of the opposing team’s players by hitting them with a live thrown ball below the shoulders or catching a live ball thrown by the other teams.  All games will be played until 4 minutes expire or all players are eliminated on one side.  If time expires, all remaining players will be counted and the team with the most remaining players will win the game.

Tug of war

Each team will consist of 10 members.  Winners will be determined by pulling the opposing team 10 feet across the designated win line or whichever team is ahead after 5 minutes of competition determined by the referee.  Rubber cleats are allowed but no metal cleats.  Participants must make every effort to stay on their feet and not sit, kneel or lie down in a stalemate position.  Team members are not allowed to wrap the rope around their arms and/or bodies.


Competition Events

All team members are welcome to participate in the Competition Events, however only the top scores outlined below will count towards becoming the division winner.  For timed events, obstacle course and tricycle trials, each team must reach the minimum number of top scores outlined below to be eligible.  Points will be awarded to each division winners as follows 1st Place: 100 pts, 2nd Place: 50 pts, 3rd Place 25 points.

  • Top 5 for Small Business
  • Top 7 scores for Medium Business
  • Top 10 scores for Large Business

Punt, Pass and Kick

Participants will punt, pass, and kick, with the distance in yards of each of these providing the participant a total score.  The combined team score will be based on the total distance by each scored participant.  The total team score will be used to award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place within each division. In the event of a tie, both teams will be awarded the applicable finish and points.

Wiffle Ball Home Run Derby

Each batter will have one minute to hit as many homeruns as possible.  All participants’ homeruns will be combined to produce a total team score.  We do recommend that  you participate in this event as a team rotating between a single batter, pitcher and several field players.

Golf Chipping Accuracy

Each team member will have 6 swings at the target of their choice and score points for successfully landing their golf ball in the target.  Targets will be worth different points based on difficulty.  Top scores will be combined to produce a total team score.

Basketball Shootout

Each participant will have 60 seconds to make as many baskets from 5 designated spots on the court of varying point values.  Top Scores totals will be combined to produce a total team score.

Field Goal Kick

All team members in this competition will have 5 attempts to kicks footballs through regulation goalposts.  Field goals can be kicked starting from 10 yards away and longer in 5-yard increments.  For every successful field goal the participant will earn 1 point per yard from the uprights.

Soccer Kick

All team members will have a total of 5 kicks at the target of each player’s choice from 12 yards away.  Targets will be worth different points based on difficulty.  Top Scores will be combined to produce a total team score.

Obstacle Course

Each team member will be timed as they attempt to complete the obstacle course, which will include scoring a field hockey and lacrosse goal, hitting a disc golf target, and navigating other obstacles. Top Scores will be combined to produce a total team time with the lowest time winning.

Tricycle Time Trial

Each team member will have one attempt on the tricycle course.  Each member will be timed as they make their way through the course. Top Scores will be combined to produce a total team time with the lowest time winning.

Team Spirit 

Teams will be judged in the creativity, theme, décor, team shirts, and overall team enthusiasm regarding their company’s tent space in the company tent village. Teams will be judged on site at River City Sportsplex during the event by event staff.

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