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Exercise Makes A Difference for 'The Faithful Few'

From Sandra Alexander, Fitness Warrior

I am in the 3rd class of the Fitness Warrior Program, and I teach two classes per week. The classes are held in the Church Hill area of Richmond on Mondays and Wednesdays, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. The class size varies, and the largest class, so far, has been 10 participants (there’s space for more). Together, we move and groove and have a great workout as we create healthier lifestyles together.

The name of the class: ‘The Faithful Few.’

I am excited about being a Fitness Warrior, but I’m even more excited about my class participants. They range in ages from 23 to 76, and they are an awesome group of individuals with a common goal of becoming fit and healthy.

After classes, and at times during classes, we talk, laugh, and share. Week after week, stories are shared with me or comments are made about the classes and the difference exercise is making in their lives. Everyone coming to class isn’t always feeling their best, but I’ve been told by some that coming to the class and participating in the workout actually made them feel better–whether the issues were physical or emotional.

Listed below are some of the stories and comments from participants of ‘The Faithful Few’:

  • “Attending the Warriors fitness class creates socialization and decreases stress levels.”
  • “Even though I have come to class feeling tired, I leave there with more energy than I had before.”
  • “Exercising is helping me with my knee pain, it feels better after I work out.”
  • “I have a slight right knee problem and I favor my left knee often. When I stand, I shift my weight to the left, when I walk, there is more pep in my step on the left side of my body. Coming to exercise class encourages me to use my right knee more and it feels good.”
  • “I have back pain, but my pain is less when I move and stretch it out by coming and participating in the fitness class.”
  • “I sleep better at night.”
  • “I look forward to coming to class; when I don’t, for whatever reason, I try to get in some type of movement to make up for missing class.”
  • “Good class, I’ll see you on Wednesday.”
  • “My clothes are fitting me better.”
  • “Oh, what a difference a day makes when exercise is included!”

I am humbled for my part in leading exercise classes as a Fitness Warrior and knowing that I am making a difference in the lives of others. I have classes to teach because of my participants, and I am ever so very grateful for their faithful participation. I enjoy them and encourage them to stay on the road to health and fitness. They also encourage me, just by showing up.   Week after week, we look forward to seeing each other.

It’s a great feeling to know that challenges are becoming less challenging!