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A Night To Remember with the Fitness Warriors

By: Destini Orr

WOW! What an amazing Annual Warrior Nation Celebration we had on January 27 to celebrate our dedicated Fitness Warriors, along with their friends and families, host site organization leaders, and members of Sports Backers Board of Directors. Every face in the Robinson Theater Community Arts Center was filled with joy and laughter as we celebrated the Warrior Nation. Throughout 2017 we had several very passionate Warriors who really displayed what it takes to go that extra mile. For the first time, Warriors were able to nominate their fellow hard-working, committed, and esteemed Warriors for superlatives such as Team Player, Big Wig, Energizer Bunny, and Warrior M.D. As we continued the evening, it was chock-full with giving credit where it’s due with props as well as honoring three prestigious individual awards: Raymond D. Patterson Award, Outstanding Host Site Award, and Class Participant Stand Out Award.

The excitement of the honorees was evident; the superlative and award winners’ enthusiasm dominated the room as these outstanding individuals danced across the stage and the Warrior Nation cheered and danced along with them–everyone went home a little sore from dancing from the beginning of the night until the end! You could see and admire the look of achievement on the Warriors’ faces as we all commemorated their success and the time we shared. One of the most memorable and powerful messages of the night was shared by Class Participant Stand Out Award winner, Ms. Linda Jones, when she said, “Warriors not only work wounded but Warriors heal and work with the wounded.” The bumps, bruises, sweat, and tears these Warriors endured throughout 2017 was all worth it in the end.

Listed below are the Fitness Warrior honorees that received Superlatives and Awards:

Raymond D. Patterson Award: Sister Talibah Majeed

Outstanding Host Site Award: Robinson Theater Community Arts Center

Class Participant Stand Out Award: Ms. Linda Jones

It takes a selfless mentality to be a Team Player. These people are always supporting fellow Warriors – subbing when needed, attending classes, and going above and beyond to promote the Fitness Warrior program.

Team Player Recipients:

Robert Candia

Lakeshia Allen

Taimani Scott

Yolanda Jones

Jackie Pryor

Carole Halstead

Carla Hollingsworth-Savage

Rasheeda Edmundson

Energizer Bunnies just seem to never lose energy. They just keep on going . . . and going . . and going! They make a major impact in the health of our community because of their endless positive energy.

Energizer Bunny Recipients:

Emily Ashcraft

Harper Smith

Rashanda Payne

Robin Jones

Mimi Redae

Tiffany Copeland

Tiffany Fleming

Cheryl Easter

Theresa Caldwell

Olga Jeter

Big Wig superlative winners motivate a variety of people to come to their classes each week and have built a strong following. Because of their BIG class they are helping large numbers of people improve their health, which is the goal of the Fitness Warriors program.

Big Wig Recipients:

Jean Wood

Andrea Boozer

Maya Harris

Jackie Pryor

Denise Morman

Delicia Clements

Warrior M.D. recipients help create Major Differences (M.D.) in the health outcomes of their participants. They achieve this by helping individuals lose weight, rely less on medications, or use fitness as a way to overcome adversities. Because of them, their class participants are living an overall healthier lifestyle.

Warrior M.D. Recipients:

Chinary Hall

Maya Harris

Taliah Muhammad

Jason Benn

Terrica Woolridge

If you would like to experience this Warrior energy first hand, you can check out our free fitness classes offered across the region. Just take a look at our class schedule. Classes are offered Monday – Saturday and are led by the amazing Warriors you just read about!