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New Year, New Inspiration

By: Theresa Caldwell, Fitness Warrior

It’s the beginning of a brand new year and the end of what I’ve come to refer to as the “Eating Season.” It seems like every week from the end of October through New Year’s Day, someone with good intentions happily offers me something that defies whatever healthy eating plan I’m on at the time. With equally good intentions, I take a serving or two. This year, I’ve got new inspiration to “just say no” to many of the beautifully baked items that come my way: I’m a Fitness Warrior!

2nd streetBeing a Fitness Warrior is not about dieting. It’s about being committed to making fitness opportunities available to people who live in communities where they are at increased risk for chronic disease. I’ve found myself eating better so I can be stronger for the people who come to my class, ‘Living Well With Caldwell,’ at Caldwell Pediatrics and Wellness Center on the Petersburg-Prince George County line.

great group shotClass participants range in age from four to 60+, male and female. Every week they challenge me to keep the workout appropriate for our mixed group, inspire me to be the best fitness leader I can be, and laugh when I say something corny. Some participants have said they now have a better idea of their fitness level so they’ve gotten more specific about their goals. Some say they are generally feeling better. One person said she was nine pounds lighter, just four weeks after adding the class to her wellness routine!

Although the “Eating Season” is technically over, I find myself reading healthy eating guides more often, working out more often, and feeling grateful to be part of the Fitness Warriors family. It’s a big family, too. There are FREE Fitness Warriors classes Monday through Saturday in the Richmond area, as well as in the Petersburg area (including Hopewell and Ettrick). Our classes all have their own unique flavor, so there’s bound to be something for almost everyone.silly class

Ahhh, flavor. I admit that I will never totally give up tasty treats, regardless of the time of year. What I can commit to is remaining fitness-minded and supporting others who are doing the same. That’s much bigger than any cake, pie or pizza, and the joy of it is even more delicous!