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Fitness Warriors: Sharing the Message and the Impact!

By: Tiffany Copeland, Fitness Warriors Program Manager

It’s an exciting time in the Fitness Warriors world!

With over 53 classes in 37 different sites Fitness Warriors continue to touch communities all around Richmond and the surrounding area with Free, Fun, Inclusive classes for all!!

Don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear from our participants.

Participants have said that these are the top reasons they attend a Fitness Warriors class:

  • Location “The Warrior classes are like a small community of people you look forward to spending time with.” – Participant attends a Warrior class every day weekly
  • Cost – “Class is FREE yet Fun, motivational and challenging!”
  • Instructor – “We have so much fun while exercising. I love my instructor; she is great lots of fun while exercising” 
  • Other Participants – “We are a family! [Our Instructor] believes in helping [the]class to move to certain goals.”

As we continue to get our community up and moving we look forward to seeing you in a free classes or as one of the Newest Fitness Warriors’ recruit!

Applications are now open and we are seeking passionate, driven individuals. If you have a passion for fitness and a heart for the community we look forward to hearing from you! Start your application today by clicking here. We will be accepting applications through November 4th.