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Fitness Warriors and the NEW Face of Group Fitness!

By: Tiffany Copeland, Fitness Warriors Program Manager

In this day of social isolation, group fitness has truly morphed and changed. Where we were once encouraged to get out and around others, we are now being instructed to stay home. Public health and safety depend on it! So when you can’t go outside…go inside. Take a moment of self reflection, look inward, and explore your goals. For the sake of staying in my scope of practice let’s talk fitness and consider some steps you can take to not just maintain, but further your fitness journey during this time of social isolation.

Step 1: Set a goal

Be realistic. Your goal can be as simple or as complex as you like, as long as it is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. WRITE YOUR GOAL DOWN!

Step 2: Find a crew

Accountability and being around like-minded people can help you to stick with your goal. Check out any of the following groups on Facebook to find a community of people moving and staying active:

Sports Backers Spring Challenge Group – Join the RVA community as we challenge each other to stay active every day during the month of April! Join the Facebook group, and share your workouts, photos, encouragement, and questions with your fellow active-living enthusiasts!

Virtual Joy2bfit – Warrior Joy brings her class participants together to share tips and challenges!

Monday Night HIIT It Group – Warrior Rebecca’s Monday HIIT class comes together here for a workout that you can do on your feet or in your seat!

Sweat Sesh with Dee – Accountability meets live workouts with Warrior Dee’s private group!

Xtreme Hip Hop with Tiff – This isn’t your regular aerobic step class! Let Warrior Tiffany White and crew keep you moving.

Reboot– Warrior LaCora’s Monday and Wednesday night class participants share their tips and ways to stay active in and around their community!

Step 3- Create a plan!

You have a goal, and a crew to keep you focused and push you along, so now what are you going to do? First, like Fitness Warriors on Facebook and Instagram. This will make sure you know when all the new content drops on our YouTube playlist! We’ve brought some of your favorite Warriors to your living room! Subscribe now because we’ve got some things in the works that will be announced soon on our social media platforms, and you don’t want to miss out! Need a workout tracker? Click here

So let’s sum it up: social distancing may have changed the way we work out but it hasn’t stopped us from moving. There are virtual fitness families that can keep you connected and help you meet those new fitness goals. Sports Backers has everything you need to keep moving right in your home and all of the resources we offer have one thing in common: they are created for, and led by, locals! Your Fitness Warriors are the volunteer instructors you know and love, and we are still here for you and ready to support you in reaching your fitness goals!