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Coach's Corner With Ricky Martin: Recollections As We Move Forward

By: Ricky Martin, Fitness Warriors Head Coach

My daughter has to do a bio of her life for school. She remembers her first birthday totally different from what I remember. I recall her asking that everyone say surprise when she came into the room, orchestrating her surprise party. She just remembers having a surprise party. I recall the humble beginnings of the Fitness Warriors program, training folks from Richmond’s East End to lead classes in churches. I see how we continue to grow the program, now taking applications for a fifth class, branching out to serve the East End and many other neighborhoods around Richmond and the Tri-Cities, touching the lives of people almost too numerous to count.

As a trainer of many years there are names of people I have trained that have long been forgotten. The Warriors coming through the program are establishing their own trail of community impact. They have followed their passion for fitness and for improving their communities. We have molded them together and provided a platform for them to grow and share their talents. Sometimes the backstory gets lost and we only see the glitz of the present, missing the hard work that went on behind the scenes and still continues.

We offer our surprise party to the community again with the fifth class of Fitness Warriors. The application is live now and will remain open through November 5th.  The application can be found at the Fitness Warriors website, along with more details on the program.


Fitness Warriors in Action

Take a look at this out this quick video to see Warriors in action!  Then take the next step and come out to one of our upcoming info sessions on October 5 (6:00pm) or October 21 (11:00am), or tune in on Facebook Live ( to learn more and get your questions answered. Come join the shine and learn the grind behind what it takes to be a trainer.