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Coach's Corner: Announcing New Warrior Captains!

By: Ricky Martin, Fitness Warriors Head Coach

So this is me at the graduation of Fitness Warriors Third Class in January. I like this picture for the Coach’s Corner this time because in the last one I was in workout gear during a training session. Yes it showed the hard work, but this one shows the celebration (Note: I am not singing in this photo).

The celebration—that’s what I am going to talk about in this blog. Where we are now in the movement called Fitness Warriors and how we are celebrating the continued growth of our program.

In the last blog for the Coach’s Corner I spoke of the movement. We were into our second class and I broke down how collaboration, passion, and commitment were key components in making a movement work. Our collaborations with the Richmond City Health District, among other funders and partners, and our choice to go with the American Council on Exercise (ACE) as our certification body, proved to be important connections to get the program up and running. Now, they are helping us grow.

As we move into our fourth class of Warriors (Passion alert!) we have fine-tuned yet another aspect of the program. In the previous blog I spoke about how we utilize seasoned mentors to partner with the new trainers to provide continual knowledge and support. Those mentors were area fitness pros and alumni from previous Warrior classes. They helped build a foundation for the future of the program, and now we’re excited to announce that we’ve formalized this element and hired six part-time Warrior Captains to continue this mentorship work. I am pleased to introduce the six new Warrior Captains: Latasha Brooks, Charles Holland, Denise Morman, Adyam Redae, Taimani Scott, and Terrica Woolridge.

Warrior Captains

Warrior Captains

It is important to note that the program would not be where it is without the guidance, insight, and hard work of previous mentors, and we applaud and celebrate them. They have laid the groundwork for the new Warrior Captains, who will guide and oversee new recruits in areas where Warriors are leading their free fitness classes.

It is an exciting time for the Fitness Warriors.  Looking back I must say it’s always an exciting time when we are about to start a new class. There are always updates to the program. We are constantly evaluating what is working and scaling ourselves to be a formidable influence on positive health changes in our communities. The new recruits will join the Warrior Captain mentors and our administrative ‘Command’ team to continue the mission of combating health inequities in every corner of the Richmond region.

In addition to the enhanced support provided by Captains for current Recruits in the fourth class, we will also start up the fifth class within the year. More importantly, that also means that over 30 new FREE classes will be added to our existing schedule, making even more opportunities available to community members by the end of the year and providing daily fitness options across RVA.

Right now Warriors graduates are busy teaching (here is a link to the FREE class schedule) and getting ready for their ACE certification exams. We are also preparing for group interviews and selecting the Recruits for the fourth class while fine tuning the curriculum and training plan to ensure we are making a positive impact now and in the future. It’s an awesome process and a joy to follow through to see Recruits become fully immersed in the Fitness Warriors program and encourage, motivate, and inspire their fellow community members to live active lifestyles.

To wrap up, here is your fit tip for today’s blog:

Be okay with constantly reassessing where you are and making adjustments. Think of it as checking your form. Look forward to the adjustments; they make your life simpler and much more enjoyable. That’s like adjusting your jogging stride or setting your back and shoulders to make that big bench press. Then celebrate your achievement. You rock! #KeepItMoving

Until next time—stay healthy.



  • Charles Holland

    Could not have said it better Coach! Awesome read!