Tour of Richmond - Cue Sheets
October 4, 2014 - Richmond Raceway Complex

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Cue Sheets & Course Descriptions

Course Description (distances are approximate)

PLEASE NOTE: The updates to the 102-mile and 59-mile courses have caused both courses to increase in distance by approximately 4 miles.  This also includes a longer distance between the aid station at Victory Christian Church (Mile 49) and the aid station at Bethany Baptist Church (now Mile 67).  Please plan accordingly.

102-mile course (Click here for a Cue Sheet) *Updated 9/23/2013

Riders will start at Richmond Raceway Complex and head south on Richmond- Henrico Turnpike.  Riders will go approximately 1 mile and turn left on Brookland Parkway then an immediate right onto Wellington Street.  Continue .25 miles then turn right onto Pelham Drive followed by an immediate left back onto Richmond-Henrico Turnpike, which eventually ends at Valley Road. Riders turn left on Valley Road, left on Hospital Road then right on with Oliver Hill Way heading south. Continue on 17th Street and take a right on Main Street then a left on 8th Street.  A quick left onto Canal Street and then an immediate right onto 9th street to go across the Manchester Bridge/Route 60. Exit on Semmes Avenue. Continue on Semmes before turning right on 22nd Street then a left on Riverside Drive. Stay on Riverside until it ends at Evelyn Byrd Road. Take a left on Evelyn Byrd and continue straight until reconnecting with Riverside Drive. Take a left on Riverside Drive. Continue for 1 mile and turn right on Forest Hill Avenue. Take a right on Hathaway Road (aid station on right). Hathaway dead ends and riders will turn left on Longview Drive, right on Scottview Drive and a left back on Riverside Drive. Continue 1.77 miles on Riverside before turning right on Southampton Road and then a quick left back onto Riverside Drive.  Riders will then turn right on Cherokee Road. Continue on Cherokee for a little over 3 miles, turn right onto Old Gun Road, and continue about another 2.5 miles. Turn right on Robious Road (aid station ahead on right) and continue for 3 miles. The road turns in to the Huguenot Trail, which riders will continue on for 14 miles before turning right on Maidens Road/Route 522 (aid station on right). Continue straight on Maidens Road/Route 634 for 10 miles before turning left on Broad Street/Route 250 and then right on Oakland Church Road. Turn right on Dongola Road/Route 611 and then left on Owens Creek Road/Route 663. Another right puts riders on Holly Grove Drive (Route 610). Holly Grove Drive will turn into Taylors Creek Road, which riders remain on for approximately 5 miles. Riders will then make a left onto Dunns Chapel Road and then another left onto Canterbury Road.  After being on Canterbury Road for about 3.25 miles, riders will make a right onto Bethany Church Road, which will lead the riders to Mountain Road where they will turn right heading east before connecting with Greenwood Church Road/Route 657. After being on Greenwood Church Road for about 6 miles, riders turn left on Winston Road. Riders continue on Winston Road for about 2.5 miles before turning right on Blanton Road/Route 666 and then a left on Ashcake Road/Route 657, which they continue on for about 11 miles. As soon as riders cross Route 301 they will continue straight onto Georgetown Road heading south. Georgetown Road ends at Rural Point Road where riders turn left and then make a right on Studley. From Studley, riders will turn left on Shady Grove Road/Route 640 then right on Meadowbridge Road. Continue on Meadowbridge. Riders turn left on Azalea Avenue , which turns into Carolina Avenue before turning right, re-entering Richmond Raceway Complex through Gate 7. Riders then will take a lap around the track at Richmond Raceway Complex before crossing the finish line in Lot D.

59-mile course* (Click here for a Cue Sheet*Updated 9/23/2013

Starts from J. Sargeant Reynolds in Goochland (1851 Dickinson Road off Fairground Road/Route 632), heading east on Fairground Road and turns left on Maiden Road (Route 634) to reconnect with the full course.

29-mile course* (Click here for a Cue Sheet

Starts at Patrick Henry High School (12449 Patrick Henry Road Hanover, VA 23005). Riders will head east on Route 54, turn right on Blanton Road and reconnect with the full course.


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