The Sports Backers’ Amazing Race to the Amazing Raise


If you’ve heard of The Community Foundation’s Amazing Raise, you may know that it is a 36-hour philanthropic “giving challenge” among Richmond-area nonprofits. What you may not know is that more than $630,000 was raised last year for more than 270 local nonprofits. The Sports Backers are joining the competition this year with a goal of raising funds for our Active RVA initiatives.

The Amazing Raise kicks off on Wednesday, September 19 at 6:00 a.m. and continues until 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, September 20. That’s what all the buzz is about here at the office. Sure, we want to beat out other nonprofits and raise money to “power an Active RVA,” but we’re also competing against ourselves.

We’ve launched an internal competition: The Sports Backers’ Amazing Race to the Amazing Raise. Simply put, our staff members have been partnered up to determine which duo can be the most physically active between now and the launch of The Community Foundation’s Amazing Raise. We’ve been given a scavenger hunt of sorts, and points are awarded based on how many items we complete. All items relate to our vision of making Richmond the most physically active region in the country, which is truly the reason we’re fundraising in the first place.

Here’s a taste of some of the things we can do to score points:

  • Swing across some monkey bars (5 points)
  • Take a spin class (5 points)
  • Jump rope (5 points)
  • Run/Walk/Bike the Canal Walk (5 points)
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator (5 points)
  • Complete the Vita Trail at Byrd Park (5 points)
  • Take a picture in a bike shop (5 points)
  • Take pictures of three different bike lanes/sharrows in Richmond (10 points)
  • Ask a random stranger to do 10 jumping jacks with you (10 points)
  • Do a yoga pose in your favorite RVA spot (10 points)
  • Ride a tandem bike (20 points)
  • Ride your bike to work (20 points)
  • Swim a lap in a pool (20 points)
  • Climb the bleachers of The Diamond (20 points)
  • Go rock climbing (20 points)
  • Sit on Monument Avenue after work and cheer on all the runners and walkers. (20 points)

Keep checking our Facebook page, as we’ll be constantly posting photos and videos documenting the competition.

Clearly we’re very excited about The Community Foundation’s Amazing Raise event. The organization with the most unique donations of $50 or more at the end of 36 hours wins a $20,000 grant. Plus, there are other cash bonuses throughout the challenge. Your gift of $50 can really go a long way to help the Sports Backers and our Active RVA initiatives.

Here are our funding priorities:

          Active RVA Fund

From outreach to churches in small communities to large fortune 500 companies, we will promote integrating physical activity into everyday life.  This fund will support all Active RVA initiatives of Sports Backers. 

          Bike Walk RVA Fund

The Bike Walk RVA advocacy program is committed to making the Richmond area more bike- and pedestrian-friendly. This fund will allow Sports Backers to encourage the construction of more paved multi-use trails, sidewalks and bike lanes in the Richmond Region.  We will also be working to improve and expand the off-road trail systems in the region.

          Director’s Unrestricted Fund

In 2011, Sports Backers’ events generated a record $61.6 million in economic impact for the region.  Support for general operating pursuits will allow the organization to strengthen its economic impact by aggressively pursuing opportunities to bring quality sporting events to the region and to create new signature events.

          Kids Run RVA Fund

By building a healthier, more vibrant place to live, work and play through Active RVA, our children will learn healthy habits to last a lifetime.  Thousands of Richmond-area youth participate in Sports Backers’ youth running programs each year and we are committed to growing the scope and capacity of these programs in order to fight the growing childhood obesity epidemic.  A special emphasis will be given to supporting underserved schools in our region.

Please “save the date” for September 19-20. We need your help to make Richmond the most active region in the United States! More information on the Amazing Raise can be found at

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