Bike Walk RVA

Promoting safe and comfortable places to walk and bike.



Communities that are designed to accommodate active modes of transportation such as walking and biking are significantly more physically active than those that lack sidewalks, bike lanes and trails.  The Sports Backers are stepping up to address the lack of these facilities by creating Bike Walk RVA—a regional program of the Sports Backers to support bike and pedestrian friendly policies, programs and infrastructure projects.

Sports Backers and Bike Walk RVA envision a greater Richmond-area where:

  • Walking and bicycling is safe, convenient and comfortable for people of all ages and abilities
  • Neighborhoods and surrounding communities are connected by a network of protected bike lanes, neighborhood byways and multi-use trails that encourage bicycling and walking for all trip purposes
  • Bicycling and walking are integral parts of how people live, work and play
  • People are active and healthy

Our current priorities include:

  • Working with the City of Richmond on the development and implementation of a Bicycle Master Plan
  • Completion of the Floyd Avenue Bike/Walk Street project in The Fan and Museum District of Richmond
  • Continued collaboration with Chesterfield and Henrico County to make those areas more bicycle- and pedestrian-friendly 

Ways to get involved:

Additional information:

For more information and additional ways to get involved, including volunteer opportunities, contact Max Hepp-Buchanan, Director of Bike Walk RVA. 

This page is in continued development. Please check back regularly for updates.